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Alabama Land Surveyors is a Surveying, Mapping and Solutions firm based in Prattville, AL.  ALS utilizes the latest technologies in the surveying industry and manages a wide variety of projects both professionally and competently.  Our staff have many years of experience in the surveying profession, and our services are tailored to meet each of our client’s needs, regardless of the scope of the project.  We take pride in providing excellent customer service while also ensuring high quality project deliverables.   Our staff are licensed in Alabama and Mississippi to provide exceptional surveying services to our customers.

Boundary Survey Prattville, AL

Where does your Prattville, AL property begin and where does it end? As professional land surveyors, this is a question we answer for our commercial and residential clients in Alabama, and a boundary survey is one of the important services we employ.

Through this service, we’re establishing the corners of your Prattville, AL parcel of land. A boundary survey includes a records search that tells what the property should look like based on descriptions in related deeds and documents. There is also a physical investigation of the property for additional evidence, including walls, fences, rocks, or other markers.

Ultimately the corners are identified and marked. That way, you’ll have the evidence you need to protect yourself from encroachments and easements as they are discovered.

Construction Survey Prattville, AL

A construction survey or building survey is also known as staking and/or layout and is used to stake out reference points and markers that will guide the construction of new structures or additions in Prattville, AL.  These markers help insure that new construction is built where it is intended and within any restrictions and setbacks.  A construction survey can save a lot heartache and headache and give peace of mind.

ALTA Survey Prattville, AL

An ALTA Survey is a detailed survey performed by a registered licensed surveyor that is prepared in accordance to the standards specified by the American Land title Association (ALTA).  As one of the most detailed surveys available, these are usually cost more than a boundary survey.  An ALTA survey will show the boundary lines, the specific location of any land improvements, any structures, utility poles/lines, fences, roads, easements and more…  As not all purchases require an ALTA survey it is a good idea to determine if the lender requires one as it may not be required.

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